The best way to reach us at any time is by email - please reach out! The Scholarship Fund’s email address is .

We also try to set up tables at local marching band, winterguard, indoor percussion, and DCI events If you ever see us, stop by and say hello! We’d be happy to talk about scholarships, accept donations, or simply chat about our favorite shows.

We believe in transparency, so all of our meetings notes and general financial information about the fund is publicly available. Bylaws are not publicly available, but are attached in the welcome letter to all donors. The Board is committed to accountability and transparency, so more specific information will likely be available upon request.

The Chairperson of the Board of Directors is Evan Murray. The Secretary and Treasurer is Tyler White. You can reach them through the Fund’s email address, but their specific contact information is available by request.

While the Michigan Drum Corps Scholarship Fund does not have any official social media accounts, the Chairperson of the Board is on twitter and will post information relevant to the scholarship fund there.