Jason Fritz Memorial Endowment Fund and Scholarship Program


In March 2021, Michigan Drum Corps Scholarship Fund cofounder and board member Jason Fritz passed away in a motorcycle accident. He was a mentor for us, a pillar of the Michigan band community, and a steadfast supporter of the activity and his students.

We will miss his presence and wisdom forever, but Jason’s legacy of optimism and leadership call us to look forward and continue to serve. It was in this spirit that we established the Jason Fritz Memorial Endowment Fund and scholarship program. From July through October 2021, the Michigan band community helped us raise over $13,000. We are humbled by every donor’s generosity, whether they donated $5 or $500, and feel grateful for the trust they placed in us to build something in Jason’s memory.

In October 2021, we established the Jason Fritz Memorial Endowment Fund with the Battle Creek Community Foundation. The Battle Creek Community Foundation meets National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations, and their priorities and dedication to community align with ours very well. They have a consistent track record with investments and we are excited to be working with them.

The endowment will support an annual scholarship for DCI drum majors. Jason believed that student leadership was one of the most important parts of the activity and that his bands were never truly his - rather, they belonged to his students. Drum majors influence not only how good a band can become, but its dedication to core values of inclusivity and personal growth. Young student leaders learn lessons about leadership and fostering a culture of excellence that will serve them well in whatever walk of life they choose.


All donations to the Michigan Drum Corps Scholarship Fund, including the Jason Fritz Memorial Endowment, are tax deductible. For more information on how to donate, click here.

Scholarship FAQ

Who is eligible?

All DCI drum majors are eligible for the Fritz Memorial Scholarship. Consistent with our mission and area of operation, drum majors from Michigan will be given priority.

The scholarship applies to tuition only - not auditions. If you are a Michigan student auditioning to be a drum major, please apply for our general scholarship program! You will still be eligible for the Fritz Memorial Scholarship if you get a contract. Likewise, Michigan students who do not receive the Fritz Memorial Scholarship are eligible for our general program as well.

When are applications open? When are they due?

We are still working on the details of the Fritz Memorial Scholarship application and award process. When we’ve worked everything out, we’ll update this FAQ answers to these questions.

How do I apply?

The Fritz Memorial Scholarship has a separate application from our general program. We will post a link to the application when it’s ready. If you would like us to notify you when the application is open, please send us an email.

How much is the Fritz Memorial Scholarship worth?

Like our general scholarship program, there is no set amount for the Fritz Memorial Scholarship. It depends on a number of factors, including the performance of the endowment in any given year, the total funds we have available, and the cost of tuition for each drum corps. However, based on the size of the endowment, the scholarship will generally be $400 or more.